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Betting on the NBA

Betting on the NBA


The NBA version of basketball is fun and exciting to watch. Thereís scoring around every turnóthanks to the 24 second shot clock. Betting on the NBA is even better. Did you know that sports bettors win more on NBA basketball than just about any other sport? Thatís why basketball is one of the big boys in the world of sports bettingówith football being the other big game. NBA basketball gives sports bettors the chance of taking home consistent profits because of the ease of scoring and the generally low lines in comparison.


In fact, a large line in the NBA might be 10 points. That probably seems like a lot, but it really is only a difference of a few baskets. The average NBA basketball game has around four points scored every single minute of the game. So, this high line of 10 points is really the equivalent of one team playing average for roughly 45.5 minutes of the game and dominating the last 2.5 minutes of the game. 


Compare this to other sports and you can see why the NBA has a leg up and why itís a favorite with sports bettors around the world. Sports bettors have the opportunity to bet on sides, totals and proposition bets at just about every decent sports book off or online. If you are not betting on the NBA, you are missing out. Letís look at a couple quick tips to help you win more money betting on the NBA.


Tip One: Bad Teams are bad and Good teams are good


The NBA is not a league of parity, like the NFL. Unlike the NFL, where any team can win on any given Sunday, in the NBA, good teams dominate bad teams. While the basketball is a team sport, in the NBA, one very skilled player can determine a large part of the outcome. A team with two very special players can dominate. Look at the Lakers teams of yesterday with Kobe and Shaq. You could have put pretty much three fans with them to complete the required 5-man team on the floor and the Lakers would have still dominated.


Donít think that any team is due to win or due to lose. Teams often go on very long streaks both ways.  Sure, it might be tempting to bet on the Atlanta Hawks, who maybe just lost 7 in a row and are receiving 12 points, against the Miami Heat, but donít be so quick. Remember, 12 points is only 6 baskets or 4 three point hoops. The talent ability (and coaching level) between the two teams is as wide as the Grand Canyon. If you were to play Michael Jordon, do you think being spotted 12 points would give you a good shot to win?


Tip Two: Play the totals


Thereís an absolute fortune to be made playing NBA totals. Many successful sports bettors donít even bet NBA sides. They make their money betting the totals. Almost every day of the season that has at least a handful of games, sports bettors can find a totals line that is juicy. Totals handicapping can be a little difficult, but if you can get the hang of it, you will be off to the races.


If you have played totals in any other sport, leave those thoughts at the door. Playing the totals in the NBA are much easier than say the NFL or Hockey. Thatís because the scoring is much easier. A team must shoot the ball and hit the rim of the basket every 24 seconds or they lose the possession. Thereís no ball hogging in this sport. Every single game, you are almost guaranteed at least 120 shot attemptsóand thatís if each possession goes the full 24 seconds.


Hopefully you are excited about betting on NBA basketball now and ready to give it a shot. Just remember to take each game as its own individual event (avoid streak betting) and learn to play those totals. You are in for a great time.

Jay Bird

Writer for

This is an original article by Please seek permission if you wish to duplicate this content.

20.03.2006 18:46
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