Bodog was originally started as an online Sports gambling site, and over the years introduced Casino style gambling, and more recently Poker. The popularity of Poker in general and Texas Hold em in particular, has moved Sports wagering to a more secondary role in the overall scheme of things at Bodog.

This does not mean that Sports wagering is not still available there, and that it is not still one of the most popular online sites for it. You are still going to be able to find the type of sports action you are looking for on this site. The only problem is that you are going to have to navigate past the Poker pages to get to it. The site itself is extremely commercial looking and a great deal of effort has gone into website design and presentation. It is actually a bit on the showy side, and while it all looks very pretty, these visual frills do not make it any easier to do what you come there to do.

It is not very hard to sign up for Bodog. The sign up link is right on top of the Home page, and it walks you through the process of establishing your account with a minimum of fuss. The FAQ section and the options for funding and withdrawal required a little searching. Once they were located, however, the information was reassuring. Bodog seems to prefer directly linking to your bank account for the transfer of funds into your betting account. There are a few things you need to be aware of when you use this method. First, Bodog does give you a 10% bonus on each cash transfer done this way. Also, they make the funds available instantly. Once you log a withdrawal from your checking account, you can begin to bet at once, but it takes 2-4 days for the funds to actually be removed from your bank balance. This presents two potential problems. First, you can not withdraw any winnings until the transactions clear the bank. Second, it is important that you have a good handle on your bank balance to insure that you are not overdrawing the account.

Although Bodog seems to prefer direct Bank Transfers for funding, they do accept all of the other funding sources such as NETteller and credit cards. There are a wide variety of such ewallet type money transfer sources available, and Bodog carefully explains the use and the restrictions involved in each one. Payouts are also fairly simple at Bodog. Again, they seem to prefer the direct Bank Transfer method. It is important to note that whatever method you use to fund the account is the method you are going to have to use to make withdrawals. The best policy is to select the method that best suits you, and stick to it. There is no limit or charges involved on processing payouts except that they reserve the right to charge a fee for excessive payouts under $20.

Bodog is very user friendly to the beginning Sports gambler. The format used on the betting pages is very easy to understand, and the process for placing a bet is also quite painless. The site has several instructional links such The Betting School that are specifically geared to new clients, and discuss the fundamentals of betting in general.

Bodog is located on the Caribbean island nation of Antigua, and it operates on a twenty four hour, seven day a week schedule. Even the customer service lines are available 24/7. It is a bit better known that many of the online sites due to its support and sponsorship of Professional Poker players. Just about any one interested in gambling of any type will have seen their distinctive logo being worn by players in the World Series of Poker events, as well as commercial ad spots on sports broadcasts.

Here is this reviewer’s summary of the Pros and cons of this well known site:

Excellent choice for beginners. You almost get a feeling at Bodog that they are used to dealing with a large number of clients that are trying online gambling for the first time. The betting formats are easy to follow, and they go out of their way to provide information to both inform and instruct the client.
Name Recognition. This is not so much an advantage of Bodog from the standpoint of snobbery, as it is a little reassurance that they are reputable, and that dealing with them is going to be safe. Bodog is well known beyond the online gambling inner circle due to their extensive advertising.
Ease of Funding and Withdrawal. The Direct Bank Transfer option that they encourage is the quickest way to fund an online gambling account. It is also the quickest way to receive payouts. Bodog encourages it with a 10% bonus on deposits, but they also allow the use of just about every other funding source available online. They allow virtually free and unlimited withdrawals.
Complete Gambling Site. Although Poker appears to be the most popular venue here, Bodog began as a Sports gambling site, and that is still reflected in the variety of Sports options available. At the same time, Poker and Casino style gambling is here as well, and the same account can be used for all. It is a one stop type of site.

Higher Minimum Bet. It might be a bit unfair to call this a con, as the minimum bet is a mere $5, but since other sites allow $1 bets, and there is not a lot else negative to say about Bodog, it is included here.
It is a bit showy. This may not bother some people, but the site is a bit showy, and many gamblers prefer a little less glitter, and a little more “get right to it” type of layout.

In summary, Bodog is one of the most popular and well known of the online gambling sites. It is very easy to get around on it, and it is very much orientated to beginning internet players. When you wish to take a break from Sports betting, extensive Casino and Poker action is a click away.

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