Reviewed is another online gambling service licensed under the laws of Antigua, and with 15 years of experience, they are among the oldest Sports books on the Internet. When you first arrive on their home page, it is evident that Sports betting is their main thrust. They do offer a casino, and have online poker rooms, but the general impression here is that these are just to keep their customers happy when they are not betting on Sporting events. On the home page is a scrolling sports news update. It was a bit outdated though announcing the “upcoming” Monday night football match up three days after the game had been played. There were also links to complete schedules of all major sporting events right on the front page.

The sign up process was quick and painless. It was a bit surprising to notice that funding options were limited to only four choices. Then, it turns out that you really only have three choices, as one of them is listed as Phone Deposits. It turns out Phone Deposits means using your Credit Card over the phone if you have trouble using it online. The other choices are Echeck, and NetTeller.  The Echeck is a standard form of direct deposit. It can not be done at once because the casino must make a small deposit into your account first in order to verify it. If I were funding an account here, I would be sure to have NetTeller. Despite the good security reputations of these online casinos, giving my bank account numbers out to often gets me a little nervous. With NetTeller, you go through the process just one time. There are minimum deposit limits here. NetTeller deposits must be at least $20.

Withdrawal options are even more limited. You can get your winnings paid out via check, the same Echeck route as deposits, or of course, by NetTeller.  You may get your check sent by Fed Ex which gets it to you faster, but that is still a check. You can have four checks a month without a fee. After four, there is a $30 charge per check.  The Echeck method takes up to seven business days and even their NetTeller withdrawals are going to take two days.

One nice feature they do have is a trial betting program. It is the first of these I have seen yet. It allows you to make wagers without cash to learn a bit about how it all works before you actually risk your money. Once you are funded though, and ready to begin, there is a full slate of Sporting bets, and the usual variety of wager options from which to make a choice.
They claim that their sports odds and payout system is the best according to Casino Player Magazine. I would tend to trust that claim. There is a distinct impression here that this site has a dedicated and long term group of clients, and it is well known among experienced online gamblers. The information that they give out on their “tips” page is very clearly and honestly stated. They explain just exactly what the whole business of online Sports bookmaking really involves. I have never seen the true nature of this “hobby” expressed quite as clearly. It leaves you with a sense that you are dealing with very straight forward and honest people here who are being very upfront about the potential gains as well as the risks that are involved.

There was one thing that struck me as strange on this site. Right on the Home page main menu was a rather cryptic link to “swimsuits.”  It was hard to determine just what sort of betting action that involved, but when you click on it you get four pictures of some very pretty young women in swimsuits. No wagering is involved, and there are links to the archived swimsuit girls of past months. I have no idea as to why this link is part of the Home page even though I studied it for quite a long time trying to figure out its purpose.

Here are what I see as the pros and cons of this Sports betting site.

Long time in Business with a good reputation. You get the impression that this site has been doing this for a long time, and know exactly what they are doing. They appear to cater to serious online Sports gamblers who know exactly what they want to do.
Focused on Sports. While some sites are accepting wagers on the gender of Brittany Spears’ next baby, or the 2008 Presidential election, this one seems to stay focused on sporting events. They also provide information links and schedules.
Pictures of Pretty Girls in Swimsuits. Ok, I know this does not have anything to do with online sports gambling, but I like what I like.
Trial Program. Although in most areas, this site does not appear to be the best choice for new online players, this feature is something that really could be appreciated by someone just getting their feet wet.

Limited Funding and Withdrawal Options. appears to have stayed with the financial options they were used to using, and have not branched out to accept the multitude of online ewallet type of services as have most other sites. It seems that they have accepted NetTeller, and decided that is enough. is a site that might not shine too brightly in a review like this one. The reason for this is that the real serious Sports gambler is most likely either busy making wagers, or busy watching Sporting events. In either case, he knows what he likes already, and is not likely to be out reviewing online sites. He would not be the kind of person that would be reading a review either, as he most likely has long known which site he prefers. It is said that the best way to judge some things is to watch where the experienced people go. If you follow that logic, might be worth a serious look.

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