UCLA Bruins (29-5) vs. Kansas Jayhawks (33-4) Preview

This match-up features a number one seed, Kansas, against a number two seed, UCLA. However, UCLA could’ve been a number one seed and probably should’ve been a number one. Therefore, this is a match-up that should be in the Final Four or the National Championship Game.

Both of these teams have been in the top tier of college basketball teams all season. They’re both traditional basketball powerhouses. They’re both loaded with talent and very well-coached.

However, there is a major difference between the two teams: their styles of play.

UCLA is a tough team that puts defense first. Kansas, while not lacking in toughness, puts offense first. UCLA will want to keep the tempo of the game down while Kansas is going to want to run and gun.

The interesting thing about this match-up is that UCLA can play a faster paced game if they want and Kansas can play good, hard-nosed defense if they want. But neither team wants to play into their opponent’s strength on Saturday night.

Southern Illinois was able to slow down Kansas in the Sweet 16 but Kansas still won the game. But against UCLA it will be even more difficult to be successful if the tempo is slow. Kansas needs to play good defense and then get out and run when the opportunities are there.

UCLA has great athletes and they believe they can run with any team in the country. They proved they’re capable of playing at a faster paced several times this season. But they may not be a match for the athletic and talented Jayhawks.

Kansas has been rolling over people as of late. It’s almost as if a switch went on a few weeks ago and Kansas has been dominant ever since.

UCLA struggled of for a couple games toward the end of the season, which probably cost them a number one seed. But now they seem to have regained their form.

This is one of three match-ups that will feature a number one seed versus a number two seed. It should be a lot of fun to watch.

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