Georgetown Hoyas (29-6) vs. North Carolina Tar Heels (31-6) Preview

What a perfect way to end the Elite 8 round.

This is a match-up that also happened 25 years ago. Georgetown and UNC met in the National Championship game in 1982. It was a very close game.

With 17 seconds left in the game a freshmen named Mike Jordan hit the game winning shot from the left side of the basket. That was the first of many big shots for Jordan, who became known as Michael Jordan – arguably the best basketball player ever.

Now, nearly 25 years later to the day, the Hoyas and the Tar Heels will play for the right to go to Atlanta and the Final Four.

The Tar Heels love to run up and down the court while Georgetown prefers to be patient and deliberate on offense. In fact, Georgetown’s offense is beautiful to watch for those fans who appreciate fundamental basketball.

For years fans watched in awe as the Princeton Tigers, coached first by Pete Carroll and then John Thompson III (Georgetown’s coach), ran their offense to perfection. They would run back door cuts on their opponents and cut and pick and do all the things that most teams aren’t able to do. By running the offense this way, a bunch of guys from Princeton who were big on brains but not so big on talent were able to stick with basketball powerhouses.

Fans wondered what would happen if Princeton ever had any really talented players. Well, now we all know.

Princeton never got talented players but the style of play is now at Georgetown, who has very talented players. And the result of Princeton’s offense mixing with the Hoyas’ talent is a great thing to behold.

The coach of North Carolina, Roy Williams, was an assistant coach on North Carolina the night Jordan hit the shot to lift UNC to the National Championship. Now, he hopes to be sitting on the bench as UNC beats Georgetown again, this time for a spot in the Final Four.

Both of these teams are talented and very well-coached. But as I already mentioned, they do have differing styles. Whichever team is able to play their own game better, will probably come out the winner on Sunday night.

Once this game is over the four spots in Atlanta will be filled. Then March Madness will become even crazier.

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