Georgetown Hoyas (30-6) vs. Ohio State Buckeyes (34-3) Preview

After more than two weeks of NCAA Tournament March Madness, it’s finally down to the Final Four. And the four teams that are surviving are all capable of winning it all.

The first game on Saturday night will feature the Georgetown Hoyas and the Ohio State Buckeyes. This is a match-up of the Big Ten champion (Ohio State) against the Big East champion (Georgetown). Ohio State is a number one seed while Georgetown is a number two seed.

This game may very well come down to the battle of two big men.

Ohio State has freshman Greg Oden while Georgetown has junior Roy Hibbert. Oden is an even seven feet tall while Hibbert is seven feet two inches tall.

This battle should be a blast to watch. There hasn’t been a match-up of big men like this in the Final Four in many years.

Ironically enough, this game that features these huge centers may be decided by whichever big man plays the least. They’ll both be going at each other when they’re both in the game. So, it will be important for each of them to play good defense and stay out of foul trouble. If one of them has to leave the game because of foul trouble then the balance of power may tip toward the other team.

But there will be plenty of other players to watch in this game as well.

The battle of the point guards will be fun to watch as well. Ohio State’s Mike Conley Jr. is another freshman who is quick and can penetrate. He will be counted on to push the ball up the court and to penetrate and score or dish to Oden or a shooter on the perimeter.

For Georgetown Jonathan Wallace is a sharp shooter from the outside. He’ll have to shoot well if the Buckeyes decide to double down on Hibbert and the Hoyas’ other big man Jeff Green.

The starters for both of these teams seem pretty well matched. So it may come down to the benches for each team. Ohio State’s bench is very deep and talented. The subs for the Buckeyes are almost as good as the starters. Meanwhile, Georgetown’s bench is adequate but it doesn’t come close to Ohio State’s level of talent or depth.

This first game should be a lot of fun to watch. Either of these teams is capable of winning it all on Monday night. It’ll be great to watch the big dog form the Big Team clash against the big dogs from the Big East.

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