MLB: Day Twenty-Seven

Well, the media wants to keep hyping the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees but the series really isn’t living up to the hype. In fact, does anyone outside of Boston and New York even care about this series? The media would like to think so but I’m not so sure. The Red Sox have won all 4 games between these teams so far this season.

In fact, wipe away the names of these teams and the match-up looks like a yawner. It’s the best team in Major League Baseball (the Boston Red Sox) against the third worst team in the Majors (the New York Yankees). That certainly doesn’t sound very interesting.

On Friday night the Yankees sent who is probably their best starting pitcher, Andy Pettitte, to the mound. But Pettitte didn’t last long. Pettitte gave-up 5 runs in 4 2/3 innings. The Yankees lost the game 11-4.

Saturday it will be the Yankees’ Jeff Karstens going against the Red Sox’s Tim Wakefield. And, by the way, A-Rod didn’t hit any homers or collect any RBI last night. Suddenly as the Yankees have lost 7 straight A-Rod has stopped producing at such a high rate.

Speaking of teams that are beginning to slip. The Detroit Tigers are finding ways to lose games this year. Last year the Tigers found every way possible to win games.

As everyone expected, the Tigers’ starting pitching has been very good but the bullpen has been a huge disappointment, so too has the hitting.

Last night starting pitcher Nate Robertson was dominant for the first 7 innings. But then he allowed the first 2 batters to get on base in the 8th. Joel Zumaya, who last year always shut opposing teams down, allowed both runners to score. Because the Tigers hitters only managed 3 runs, those 2 runs and the Tigers eventually lost the game 5-3.

The other 2006 World Series participant, the St. Louis Cardinals have also been struggling. The Cardinals lost again and are now 2 games under .500.

On Saturday it’s important that all three of the losing teams just mentioned perform well and get a win. Obviously it’s early in the season still but trends are starting to be formed and the Yankees, the Tigers, and the Cardinals can’t be happy with the way the their season is trending at this point.

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