MLB: Day Seventy-Three

History was made on Tuesday. This season’s second no-hitter was thrown. This time it was by Detroit Tigers’ second year pitcher, Justin Verlander. He threw the no-no against the Milwaukee Brewers and won the game 4-0.

Last year Verlander made a big splash in the Majors with his near 100 mph fastball and his nasty breaking balls. His was so successful that he won the AL Rookie of the Year Award. However, coming into this year many people thought he’d hit a sophomore slump and take a few steps back with his effectiveness. Obviously that hasn’t happened.

Verlander’s success isn’t limited to just this game either. In fact, he’s now 7-2 on the season and has an ERA of 2.79.

But on Tuesday night, Verlander was truly unhitable. His fast ball was hitting spots and his curve ball was breaking over for strikes. In fact, Verlander’s fast ball was so good that he three a 102 mph fastball in the top of the ninth.

But Verlander didn’t make history without the help of his teammates. Two plays in particular were stellar. In the seventh inning Magglio Ordonez made a sliding catch in right field. (That was just one of three balls hit into the outfield.) Then in the eighth inning, Neifi Perex sneered a ball that was hit up the middle, flipped it to second baseman Placido Polanco, and Polanco stepped on second and turned a double play to first base to end the inning. Verlander pumped his fist as he walked off the mound. Three outs later, he would be in the history books with a no-hitter.

Meanwhile the New York Yankees remained hot as they beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 4-1. All season long the Yankees would either get good pitching and not hitting or they’d get good hitting and no pitching. Lately they’ve gotten plenty of good hitting and good pitching.

The Boston Red Sox were able to keep the Yankees 9.5 games back because they beat the Colorado Rockies 2-1. The fact that the Red Sox are just 9.5 games in front at this point is quite amazing. It seemed like the Yankees would be fading into the background now, instead they’re zooming closer to the Red Sox. Being 9.5 games out before mid-June isn’t good, but it certainly doesn’t count the Yankees out of the race. And the fact that they’re as close as they are has to have the Red Sox at least a little nervous.

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