NFL Football: Week 11 – My Picks

It’s Sunday morning again, so let’s get right to my picks. Hopefully I can do better than 8-6 this week. The byes are all done so every team will be in action.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons

This is one of the handful of games that don’t appear to be all that interesting. I like Tampa Bay in this game because I think Tampa is the best team in a very weak NFC South.

My Pick: Tampa Bay 27-17


Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore offense has been horrendous under Stave McNair. Now Kyle Boller will be in there this week. If he can have any success then I think Baltimore will have a really good chance of winning. However, I don’t think the Baltimore offense will be much better. I think the defense is about to revolt.

My Pick: Cleveland 24-14


New York Giants at Detroit Lions

The Giants are itchy to prove they can overcome the loss to the Cowboys and that they aren’t going to have another second half collapse. The Lions want to overcome their loss last week to Arizona. The Lions are good at home. They will harass Eli Manning just enough to win this game.

My Pick: Detroit 27-24


Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles

The Dolphins are horrible – perhaps one of the worse teams in NFL history. The Eagles need to keep winning. They will.

My Pick: Philadelphia 33-10


Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings

Another yawner. No AP for the Vikings = no chance, even against the Raiders.

My Pick: Oakland 16-7


San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Chargers got a big win last week. I think they’ll build on that momentum. However, the Jaguars finally get David Gerrard back at quarterback. This will be a battle. But I still don’t trust the Chargers offense.

My Pick: Jacksonville 26-17


Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts need a win. They will get it. No doubt about it.

My Pick: Indianapolis 31-10


Arizona Cardinals at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals offense finally gets going in this one.

My Pick: Cincinnati 37-20


Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers

The Packers look to have a running game forming. The Panthers are reeling. The Pack rolls on.

My Pick: Green Bay 31-17


New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans


The Saints suffered an embarrassing loss last week to the St. Louis Rams. Their troubles will continue this week as Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson get it going again.

My Pick: Houston 30-27


Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Jets

Pittsburgh is one of the best teams in the NFL and the Jets are one of the worst.

My Pick: Pittsburgh 27-10


Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks will do just enough to win this game.

My Pick: Seattle 17-16


St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers

Can the Rams win back-to-back games after winning their first game last week? Yes. The Rams are healthy on offense and they’ll continue the 49ers recent slide.

My Pick: St. Louis 31-20


Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

This is always fun to watch. The Redskins are battered, especially on the defensive side of the ball. The Cowboys are flying high. But this game rarely makes sense and it’s almost always close.

My Pick: Dallas 31-24


New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills

Once in a while I get a feeling about a game and it almost always proves to be right. I don’t think the Bills can win this one but the Pats need to be careful. They may lose a key player in this one.

My Pick: New England 37-17


Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

Is anyone outside of Tennessee and Denver going to watch this game? Well, I will, but that’s because I don’t have a life. But it will be fun to see if Vince Young can get any better with throwing the ball.

My Pick: Denver 21-17



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