NFL Football: Week 14 – Review

Today I’d like to touch on a quitter of a coach, a perfect team, and a completely imperfect team.

Let’s begin talking about FORMER Atlanta Falcons’ coach Bobby Petrino.

It wasn’t that long ago that Petrino left college football (he was Head Coach at the University of Louisville) to coach the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. Now Petrino quits in the middle of a season to go back to Arkansas to coach in college again.

It is amazing to me that a coach would quit on his team. Granted this team is in shambles after their star Michael Vick went to prison for running a dog fighting ring. So the very reason Petrino was brought in – to design an offense around Vick – was no longer there. And granted the Falcons seemed to quit on Monday night when they played the New Orleans Saints. But a coach still can’t quit before the end of the season. I mean, come on!

One night he’s coaching in the NFL and the very next day he’s standing up at a podium at Arkansas saying how happy he is to be there. Excuse me? You just quit on your NFL team that was going nowhere fast. Of course you’re happy.

And not only is Petrino a quitter, he’s also a liar. Over the weekend he promised Falcons’ owner Arthur Blank that he’d be back with the Falcons next year. Now only will he not be back next year, he won’t even be back next week!

Well, yet one more coach to root against when I watch football.

Speaking of coaches I root against, Bill Belicheck is about to do something that no other coach has done in the history of football,. He’s about to lead his team to a perfect 16 game regular season. I now admit that they’ll do it. I just don’t see them losing to the Jets, the Dolphins, or the Giants. But don’t mark them down for a perfect 19-0 season yet. They will have their hands full in the playoffs and in the Super Bowl.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Miami Dolphins are sitting at 0-13 and not looking like they’ll win a game any time soon. They have quit on their coach, Cam Cameron. Their only hope is if some of the veteran players like Jason Taylor and Joey Porter step-up and motivate the team for one game. Otherwise, the Dolphins are looking at being the first team to go 0-16.


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