MLB: Take Two for Boston and the Yankees Continue Slide

Things are all knotted-up in the American League East now. The Boston Red Sox took both games of the doubleheader from the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday while the Tampa Bay Rays fell to the St Louis Cardinals. So that allowed the Red Sox to gain the game and half that they needed to gain in order to tie the Rays atop the division.

The Rays and the Red Sox will both play again on Sunday (weather permitting) so perhaps that will break the deadlock atop the division. And with the Red Sox moving on to play the Royals and the Rays about to play the Oakland A’s, any fan would have to give the edge to the Red Sox to be alone atop the divsion by next weekend. But maybe things won’t be quite so easy for the Red Sox since the Royals are playing pretty good ball, though KC lost on Saturday.

Meanwhile at the opposite end of the standing in the AL East sits the New York Yankees. If little Georgie was made enough after the Yankees were school by the aforementioned Rays, he will certainly hit his boiling point if the Yanks lose again on Sunday to the “other” New York team – the Mets. The Yankees lost to them on Saturday by a score of 7-4. That drops the Yanks to three games below .500.

Yeah, I know the Yankees are without Alex Rodriguez and I know that they don’t have Jorge Posada. But many teams have injuries. And yes, A-Rod will be back this week and that should help the Yankees – A-Rod just being in the line-up will help the other hitters because of the attention A-Rod demands from pitchers. But I’m not sure A-Rod will be enough to get this team really moving offensively. Let’s face it: No one else in this line-up strikes too much fear in pitchers. So the Yankees’ troubles may just continue and that would mean Georgie Jr. saying even more stupid things in the media.

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