MLB: Dodgers Take Over First

The Arizona Diamondbacks wake up on Sunday morning in second place in the NL West. And the Los Angeles Dodgers wake up in first place. What a strange trip each of them has taken.

If it weren’t for the NL West being full of horrible teams, the D-Backs actually would’ve been out of it a long time ago. They’ve been hanging around the .500 mark for months now. But no team has been good enough to knock them off their perch. No team until now.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten hot at the right time and they’ve ridden that hot streak right into first place. The Dodgers have now won 7 straight games. They have Manny Ramirez hitting for them and Joe Torre managing them. So they have the peices to win this division.

But all is not lost for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They still control their own destiny. They will play the Dodgers for the last time on Sunday and if they win they will take over first place again. But if they lose, they will be a game and a half back and, for the first time all year, they won’t control their own destiny. That would probably be too much for them considering they looked like the best team in baseball for the first few weeks of the season.

And for the Dodgers, they have to love where they’re sitting right now. They’ve come from being a distant second at the beginning of the summer all the way to being in first near the end of the summer. They’re also playing their best baseball of the season.

When the Dodgers got Manny I predicted that they’d overtake the D-Backs and win the NL West. Now, they’ve done it and I don’t think they’ll look back. Even if they lose Sunday, they’ll still regain first place by the end of the week and they’ll probably wind-up winning the division by three or four games.

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