MLB: Twins Looking Good

Coming into the huge series with the Chicago White Sox, the Minnesota Twins knew they had to win at least 2 of 3 just to make things interesting heading into the weekend. They also knew that if they swept the White Sox, they would be in first place (by a half game) heading into the final weekend of the series.

As for the Chicago White Sox, they knew they would be in a hostile environment going into the Metro Dome. They also knew they needed to take 2 of 3 to pretty much bury the Twins. But if they could just take one game out of the three then they would be in decent shape.

The easiest way to get things done for the White Sox would’ve been to win the first game of the series. That would take the crowd out of it and give the Sox a three and half game lead with just a handful of games left to play.

That didn’t happen.

Then they just needed to take the second game to gain a two and half game lead and pretty much take the crowd out of it for the last game of the series.

That didn’t happen.

So now here we are with the Twins just a half game behind the White Sox and one more game to be played in this series. The Twins win they have a half game lead. The White Sox win they have a game and a half lead.

A Twins win wouldn’t mean that they would definately win the division (since the White Sox would still be tied with them in the loss column) but a win for the White Sox would still mean that they pretty much would have the division wrapped up.

The question is: Can the White Sox think of it that way and wrestle back the momentum in this series.

And that question will be answered by the game on Thursday night.

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