MLB: Who Wants the AL Central

It seems that neither the Chicago White Sox nor the Minnesota Twins really want to win the American League Central.

I mean, here they are, both of them playing teams far behind them in the standings, and neither one of them can come up with a much needed win. So the Twins still hold a half game lead in the division. And maybe Sunday’s games will be the last of the regular season or maybe the White Sox will have to play their make-up game against the Detroit Tigers on Monday.

But the crazy thing is the White Sox have now lost five straight games and 8 or their last 10. So if they lose again on Sunday, and the Twins win on Sunday, then there is no need to play Monday’s game. But that’s the only way a game won’t be needed.

Yesterday the White Sox had a chance to take a half game lead over the Twins. When the Sox took the field they new the Twins has already lost. Yet, the Sox still couldn’t bea the Indians. They lost 12-6. And now they have to win today just to ensure that they’ll be able to play tomorrow for a chance to tie the Twins or win the AL Central.

Meanwhile, in the National League the Philadelphia Phillies claimed the National League East. But the Wild Card is still up in the air. The Milwaukee Brewers lost on Saturday while the New York Mets won on Saturday. So these two teams are now dead even in the standings.

That means it all comes down to Sunday and the Mets will play the Florida Marlins while the Brewers will play against the Chicago Cubs. If they both or they both lose, then it will all come down to a one game playoff.

But if one team wins and the other team loses then that will be that. The winner will go to the playoffs and the loser will go home.

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