NFL: Recapping Saturday’s Divisional Games

After the way the games turned out on Saturday, I don’t have too much confidence that my thoughts and picks for today will be all that great. After all, I missed on both games. At least I was somewhat right about what each team had to do to be successful.

Anyway, let’s get to the two games for today. Both of these games should be awesome to watch.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

This should be an absolute war. But I think the Eagles are going to come out on top. Here’s why:

These playoffs have been all about the team that is playing the best at a given time. The Philadelphia Eagles are certainly the team that is playing the best right now. But more than this, I think the Eagles will shutdown the Giants’ running game and I don’t think Eli will be able to win the game for his team. Contrary to the ignorant belief in the media, Manning has never won a big game for the Giants. It’s always been the defense and the running game.

Well, I bet the Eagles make the Giants one dimensional. I bet the Eagles take away the running game and they make Eli beat them. I don’t think he can.

My Pick: The Eagles

San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers

Two weeks ago this would’ve seemed like a cake-walk for the Steelers. Now, not the case.

With the way this playoff season has gone, the Chargers might just come into this game as the favorite. One thing is for sure: If the Chargers want to win this game then they better not turn the ball over. Like the Ravens, the Steelers are successful when they get turnovers. Without turnovers, I just don’t think the Steelers can win this game.

But can the Chargers protect the ball. With the weather that’s expected, I doubt it. Plus, quite honestly, I just don’t think every home team can possibly lose in the divisional playoffs.

My Pick: The Steelers

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