MLB: Are the Yankees the Team to Beat?

As Spring Training begins to face its first weekend, the season is still far away. However, it’s never too early to talk about the teams that might win it all this year. And that conversation has to begin with the New York Yankees.

The Yankees appear to have a team that is an absolute powerhouse. Their starting pitching is ridiculously dominant. And they have a hitting lineup that will be a nightmare for every pitcher they face.

But will this translate into a World Series title? Well, that’s a good question and it won’t be answered anytime soon. Why? Well, because they’re in the same division as the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox.

If there are two teams in the American League that can match the Yankees’ pitching staff it’s the Red Sox and the Rays. While the Rays and the Sox might not have quite the fire power that the Yankees have, they do have team chemistry. And that might be one thing that the Yankees lack. In every sport it’s been proven time and time again that the most talent doesn’t automatically win anything.

But the weakest link in the New York Yankees’ chain might just be Joe Girardi, the Yankee Manager.

He is going to have a huge challenge ahead of him. It’s a challenge that the most experienced managers would have trouble meeting. Who knows if Girardi has it in him. Only time will tell. But I bet somewhere deep down the Steinbrenners would much rather have Joe Torre in the dugout.

What might seem like a weak link might actually pull the team together. And that is the A-Rod steroid saga. The Yankees do have enough veterans on their team to keep this team together and use this as power against everyone.

The ace in the hole for the Yanks will always be there starting pitching. If they stay healthy then it will be tough for the Yankees to miss the playoffs. However, get them into the playoffs and I do think they can lose in any round.

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