NCAA: Looking at the West Bracket

Now we’ve come to the West Region of the NCAA Tournament. Here the top 4 seeds are: 1. UConn 2. Memphis 3. Missouri 4. Washington. The top 2 seeds in this region are pretty strong and Missouri is a decent 3 seed, but Washington as a 4 seed is pretty weak. Purdue as a 5 and Marquette as a 6 aren’t very strong either.

What all of this means is that you shouldn’t expect too many upsets in this region. UConn will glide into the Elite 8 without too much resistance. Or at least they should. Of course, there inability to win any type of postseason game the past few seasons isn’t good. But this team is certainly good enough to get by Chattanooga and then the winner of BYU and Texas A & M.

On the bottom half of this region, Memphis shouldn’t have too much trouble either. Their defense will easily carry them into the Elite 8 to face UConn. And then that will set up a great battle.

I like UConn in that match-up. Memphis hasn’t beaten enough good teams to convince me that they can beat a team like UConn. And I don’t think Memphis is tough enough to beat UConn in the way Pitt did twice or the way Syracuse did in the 6 overtime thriller in the Big East Tournament.

So UConn will advance out of this region and go to the Final Four.

If you’re looking for upsets in this region, I have 2 possible ones for you: I like Utah State to beat Marquette and I also like Mississippi State to take out Washington in the 1st round. From there, I expect the higher seeds to pretty much win out all the way to the Final Four.

UConn and Memphis are heads and shoulders above all the rest of the teams in this region. Unless UConn or Memphis play badly one game, neither one of them will lose until the Elite 8.

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