NCAA: Reacapping the 1st 2 Rounds of the NCAA Tournament

March Madness is always awesome. It’s easily the best sports events of the year, second place isn’t even close. So please don’t take this the wrong way. The 1st 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament were a bit of a letdown. The main reason why? Well, because all the top 3 seeds in each region advanced and half of the 4s advanced too.

That means UConn, Louisville, Pitt, and North Carolina all won as top seeds. The 2 seeds – Duke, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Memphis – all advanced. So did all the 3 seeds – Syracuse, Villanova, Kansas, and Missouri. Xavier and Gonzaga advanced as 4 seeds, Purdue advanced as a 5 seed, and then Arizona is the lone lower seed at #12. Arizona can hardly be considered a Cinderella.

So that’s the bad news. No Cinderellas in the mix in the Sweet 16. But the good news is that almost every game in the Sweet 16 should be a great game. I fully expect Louisville to roll Arizona and I also expect UConn to take care of Purdue without too much of a problem. But the rest of the games… they are all very well matched.

Looking at it now, the best match-ups appear to be Villanova and Duke, Syracuse and Oklahoma, Michigan State and Missouri, and UNC and Gonzaga.

For all those “media experts” who wrote a blog or an article on how the Big East was so overrated all season: How wrong were you? The Big East is the first conference to land 5 teams in the Sweet 16. They nearly had 6 teams but Marquette lost late. But still, the Big East is a whopping 11-2 right now. Look for there to be at least 1 Big East team in 3 of the 4 Elite 8 games. If Syracuse beats Oklahoma then I think the Big East may be involved in every game in the Elite 8.

But we have a couple days to take a look at all the match-ups before the madness resumes this Thursday.

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