MLB: The New Favorites in Baseball

It’s been a couple weeks since we stepped back and took a look at the teams that look to be the favorites at this point in the season. Obviously these things change pretty fast, but something tells me that things won’t be changing quite so fast from here on out. I think we are beginning to see the creme rising to the top.

So, first let’s take the easy division. That’s the National League West and the Los Angeles Dodgers are now 7.5 games up in the division. You have to give credit to the San Diego Padres for winning 10 straight but this is the Dodgers division.

The other favorites in the NL are the Phillies, the Cardinals, the Mets, and the Brewers. Though Milwaukee is leading the NL Central right now, I still like the Cards to win it. I like the Phillies to win the East and I think the Mets will probably take the Wild Card.

Over in the American League there are no sure things. I still like Anaheim in the West but the Texas Rangers are still leading the division. In the Central, the Detroit Tigers look like they are the class of the division. They have a 4 game lead but KC and Minnesota can challenge them.

But in the AL East, it will absolutely be a slugfest all season. They Red Sox have now taken over the division lead and the Yankees are in 2nd place. The Toronto Blue Jays are now in 3rd place but it won’t be long until the Rays pass the Blue Jays.

So, in the American League the favorites have to be the Rangers, Angels, Tigers, Yankees, and Red Sox.

I actually like the Angels, the Tigers, and the Yankees to win their division. And I like the Red Sox to take the Wild Card.

We’ll see how things unfold as the season grows older.

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