MLB: Looking at the Divisions

Yesterday was the first day of summer. Now, with summer here, the games begin to matter just a little more. And, believe it or not, the All Star Game isn’t too far away and that’s when things will really get interesting.

As we stand right now, there are a few really great races going on right now. But some of the division that looked like they would be tight all year, are beginning to look like they just might have one team run away with the division. Let’s take a quick look at each division right now. We’ll begin with the American League today and then turn to the National League tomorrow.

In the AL East the Boston Red Sox have pushed their lead to 4 games. I seriously doubt the Red Sox will be able to run away from both the Yankees and the Rays but it’s starting to look more and more possible with each and every day that passes.

Over in the AL Central, the Detroit Tigers are now up by 4 games. Just about any team in the AL Central has a chance to win this division. However, Detroit certainly looks like the best team right now. If the Tigers start to hit the ball (like they have the past 4 games) then Detroit could win this division by double digits.

In AL West, the Anaheim Angels have caught the Texas Rangers. The Rangers better be careful or the Angels will quickly leave them in the dust. The Angels are getting healthy and they’re gaining some real momentum. It will be very interesting to see if the Rangers can keep it together and withstand this surge bu the Angels.

So, right now it really looks like we’re going to have the Red Sox, the Tigers, and the Angels as the division winners in the AL. I still like the Yankees to make the playoffs but I like them a lot less than I did a week or so ago.

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