MLB: Let’s Talk about the Yankees

You know, I’m not particularly fond of the Yankees. But they do intrigue me. And they are a lot of fun to keep track of. So, what the heck, let’s spend some time talking about the Yankees right now.

The Yankees just aren’t playing good ball right. This is a big surprise to me. I thought they were getting into a groove and I thought they’d run away with the division. However, they got swept by the Red Sox and they’ve been sliding ever since.

Now they have the tough task of playing a series against the Atlanta Braves while the AL East leading Boston Red Sox get to play the Washington Nationals. Last night the Yanks got shutout while the Red Sox routed the Nationals. So, now the Yankees trail the Red Sox by 5 games. And don’t look now but the Blue Jays have actually climbed back into a tie with the Yankees for 2nd place. Ouch.

Talk about ouch. The Yankees’ bats have been very quiet lately. And their pitching hasn’t been anywhere what they hoped it would be. Wang has been horrible. And even when he’s better than usual, he’s still not very good. Last night he only gave up 3 run in 5 innings. That’s still an ERA around 5.40 but it’s much better than the season ERA of 11.20. And his 0-6 record is just a joke.

But the Yankees who paid millions and millions of dollars to assemble what they thought would be the best pitching staff in the Majors, suddenly don’t have a whole lot of answers at pitcher. Chamberlain and Sabathia are both good. Burnett and Pettite are average. Phil Hughes may be good one day but he’s still barely average. And Wang is horrible.

So, with a pretty ordinary pitching staff the Yanks need to hit and lately they haven’t been.

But you know what? It’s always something with this team. And they are much too talented to be this bad. So, whose fault is it? Joe Giarardi. And the firing watch begins again.

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  • LOL “And don’t look now but the Yankees have actually climbed back into a tie with the Yankees for 2nd place”

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