MLB: The Red Sox are Already Losers

On Monday night I was watching the Tigers and Red Sox with my wife. She asked me why the Red Sox didn’t have their names on the back of their jerseys. I told her all about the tradition of the Red Sox and how they want they uniforms to be “old school”. I even went so far as to tell her about Fenway being old school and the team being old school.

Well, now I take that back. The Red Sox are anything but old school. And, I say this completely meaning it: The Red Sox as a team are a bunch of losers with Kevin Youkilis being the biggest loser of all.

How could he possibly try to justify charging 20 year old Rick Porcello after taking a pitch in the back? This after the Tigers’ first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, got hit with a pitch (for the 2nd straight night) and had to leave the game. It didn’t even look like Porcello tried to hit him and even if he did, that’s baseball.

But apparently the Red Sox think they can plunk other teams’ best players and they shouldn’t get plunked back.

Well, the season is far from over but the Red Sox are already losers. They are deserving of absolutely no respect. And any baseball purist has to see them as a team who is now lower on the food chain than the Washington Nationals. And with the way the Red Sox fans reacted to the melee that ensued after Youkilis charged the mound and threw his helmet (now that’s a classy and tough move) they are deserving of no respect either.

So, I feel like I misled my wife. Now I don’t know why the Red Sox don’t have their names on the back of their uniforms. They certainly aren’t old school. They certainly don’t honor tradition in baseball. They are just a bunch of losers trying to pretend that they’re a classy baseball team. And no matter what happens the rest of this season, nothing will change that. And until they get rid of Youkilis, they will continue to be losers.

And one more point: The night before Edwin Jackson obviously tried to hit Youkilis. Yet Kevin didn’t charge the mound then. Why? Because he was too much of a coward to charge a man like Jackson. He chose to charge the kid Porcello. Oh well. Porcello threw him down like a rag doll. No wonder Kevbo was too much of a coward to charge Jackson.

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