NFL: Still 2 Undefeated Teams

After near loses by both teams, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints are still undefeated. A win is a win though. And now the Colts are 9-0 and the Saints are 9-0.

For the past few weeks it hasn’t been pretty for either of these teams. Though they are getting by, both of these teams better start playing better football or they will lose their first game and they may find it difficult to win in the postseason.

The New Orleans Saints are the team that is having the most trouble. They are playing teams that are far inferior. Yesterday the Saints almost lost to the lowly Saint Louis Rams. If the Rams had been able to finish off their late drive then the Saints would’ve gone home losers.

Meanwhile, the Colts had an amazing late victory against the New England Patriots. Certainly the Pats are a good team. In fact, they are one of the best teams in the AFC right now. The Pats might just be the 2nd best team in the AFC (after the Colts). So, barely beating the Pats is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the Colts could use this win as a springboard for greater things this season. The obvious problem for the Colts is all their injuries. Even the great Peyton Manning may find if hard to overcome all the injured players.

But the Saints have been struggling against bad teams. Logically you’d think this means that when the Saints play a good team they’ll be in trouble. The Saints have the Patriots coming up in a couple weeks and then that will be followed by the Dallas Cowboys. It’s doubtful that the Saints will get past both of those teams.

But for now, the Saints and the Colts are still “perfect”. How long that will hold up, remains to be seen. However, it looks like the Saints are much more likely to lose sooner rather than later.

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