NFL: Youth vs Experience on Wild Card Weekend

This weekend will feature what should be 4 great games. In each game we have a “young” quarterback going up against an experienced quarterback. Let’s look at each of these match-ups and quickly examine how each match-up might turnout.

Sanchez vs. Palmer

You could argue that this game features two unproven quarterbacks. However, the Bengals’ Carson Palmet certainly had a lot more experience than Jets’ rookie Mark Sanchez. While Palmer hasn’t won anything, he has had a solid NFL career. That’s a lot more than Sanchez can say at this point.

In this game experience should win out. The Bengals will hit the Jets for some big plays and will frustrate Sanchez with their defense.

Mcnabb vs. Romo

Romo hasn’t won anything. McNabb has a ton of playoff experience. Wipe away the last 3 weeks and McNabb would be the huge favorite here. However, Romo has been the best quarterback the last month. Expect more of that this weekend.

Flacco vs. Brady

Brady is the man you want behind center in the playoffs. He is lights out. But Flacco was pretty good in last year’s playoffs. And Flacco will go into New England with the better team. While Brady will probably outplay Flacco, Flacco’s team will come out on top.

Rodgers vs. Warner

Aaron Rodgers will play in his first playoff game while Kurt Warner has been to Super Bowls with 2 different teams. Green Bay is a really hot team. But the Cardinals have a great offense. So, I expect both of these quarterbacks to play really well. However, I do think the Packers will get pressure on Warner and therefore I’d look for Rodgers to outplay Warner.

But it will be a lot of fun to watch these games and to see how these quarterbacks perform. Each game features an experienced quarterback going against a youthful quarterback. Time to see which one wins out.

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