NFL: Dolphins’ Starter soap opera

The NFL bets continue to roll in, and it looks as though there will be plenty for the media to focus on down in Miami in the coming season. The arrival of Chad Ochocinco is just the latest chapter in a book which could be become a very lively read by the end of the season.

Of course the Dolphins are also lined up as the stars of this season’s series of the “Hard Knocks” TV show and another potential narrative that is going to run through their season is who will be starting at quarterback, because they have plenty of options.

It looks as though rookie first-round draft pick Ryan Tannehill is the favourite in the three-way quarterback race with incumbent starter Matt Moore and free agent signing David Garrard.

Tannehill certainly got a ringing endorsement from starting running-back Reggie Bush, the man he would be likely to be handing the ball off to if he did secure the role.

Bush also felt that he matched up well against the more experienced Moore and Garrard, but then Tannehill is coming into a system that he knows well he just needs to work on his skills as a quarterback and adjust to the pace and ferocity of the NFL.

But it’s far from a done deal and, while we have seen rookie quarterbacks come into sides and lead them into the post-season, it can also set them back and provide them with problems in the future.

For every Andy Dalton there are stories like David Carr and Blaine Gabbert, although the latter may yet come good.

If the Dolphins were to protect Tannehill then it’s likely that Matt Moore will take the reins and he looked more than capable last year of doing so.

That would leave Tannehill in the position of learning the offence, seeing where Moore could take the Dolphins and if he does well then offering him as trade bait in the future.

The Dolphins have a whole new coaching staff this season and the one thing that they will probably be given is time, but the quarterback conundrum is a challenging one for them to get to grips with, as Tannehill, Moore and Garrard battle it out to be under centre for the start of the season.

Reggie Bush appears to favour Ryan Tannehill, but those that bet on NFL will tell you that it’s not that clear cut.

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