Green Bay concerns

Many who bet on NFL believe that concern in Green bay would be about the Packers defence, which was awful last year, and, despite going 15-1 in the regular season, it was their defence which ultimately saw them dumped out of the post-season at the first hurdle by the Giants.

In this instance, though, the “concern” is all about backup QB Graham Harrell, who has never played an NFL game in his life. But if first-choice Aaron Rodgers does get hurt it will be Harrell who will be stepping in.

With Matt Flynn departing from Green Bay in free agency, it means that the Packers have gone from having a backup quarterback they’re confident they can rely on to having a backup quarterback who was undrafted coming out of college, and who didn’t even sign anywhere as an undrafted free agent, before eventually opting to sign with the CFL and not doing anything of note there, either.

So it really looks as though the pressure is on for Harrell to perform in training camp and pre-season, or the Packers may well be forced to search for a veteran backup as cover for Rodgers.

In that scenario, Harrell would either be demoted to No. 3 or released. B.J. Coleman, a seventh-round rookie from Tennessee-Chattanooga, is the Packers’ No. 3 quarterback at the moment.

Turning to their No.2 quarterback at any point in the season would be a blow for the Packers as Rodgers isn’t the reigning MVP for nothing.

But NFL bets and tips suggest that the Packers will need to feel confident in their backup if Rodgers does fall victim to injury. He’s had concussions in the past and they need one who can play well enough for the Packers to be competitive, the way Flynn did the last two years.

The company line in Green Bay is that the Packers are confident in Harrell, but if Harrell doesn’t do much to inspire confidence this summer, he may not be the No. 2 quarterback for long.

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