Hitting Duos in the MLB

Some say that two heads are better than one, well how about having two hitters that are better than one as we take a look at the best hitting combinations in Major League Baseball, courtesy of the MLB betting news on the Bet365 website.

First up it must be Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers, they look to be the clear choice as the leading duo; Cabrera provides the power-hitting while Fielder is a machine at getting on base and of course you have a lovely right and left hand combination also. Add in the fact that they rarely miss a game and to our minds they are THE best and most powerful hitting combination in baseball.

It was a hard choice as to who came next but in the end we came down on the side of Joey Votto and Shin-Soo Choo of the Cincinnati Reds, and the reason for placing them second is that they have combined to create the most runs of any pair; Votto is second in the majors and Choo third in runs created, behind only Cabrera.

Some would say that on that fact they should be rated above Cabrera and Fielder but Choo has a couple of facets in his game that let him down given that he is likely to struggle to continue to sustain his level of play and he really struggles against left-handers.

Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarncion of the Toronto Blue Jays deserve a place on any list even though they started a little slowly this year they have still combined to hit 21 home runs and each has the ability to hit 40 individually. Both are hitting under .260 right now but have the ability and talent to hit a lot higher and if that’s the case they could also be challenging Cabrera and Fielder for the top slot.

We can’t compile any feature such as this and leave out the San Francisco Giants pairing of Buster Posey and Pablo Sandoval; their raw stats may not blow you away, but some of their effectiveness is masked by playing half their games in AT&T Park.

Last year, for example, Posey hit 17 of his 24 home runs on the road (although this year he’s hitting .367 at home and .227 on the road). Sandoval has been inconsistent throughout his career but he looks poised for a big season.

Well round out famous five hitting duos with the LA Angels Mike Trout and Albert Pujols now you could question the inclusion of this twosome especially as it looks as though Trout through his numbers so far this year is carrying this duo. Pujols looks bothered by his foot injury but somehow he’s hard to write off and if he does get swinging this tandem could still take off.

Five hitting pairs then, but there were plenty that flew just under the radar and who knows it may be that pairings like Carlos Santana and Mark Reynolds of the Indians and David Ortiz and Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox would squeeze their way into the list in time but we’ll stick by this quintet for now.

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